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sticks and stones

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gin soaked boy
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get in lift joking with people in lobby, lift is very broken ha ha. i go up to five, it misses and plummets back down. just as i realize what is happening i get free and catch the side as we fall. she is smashing up the house again she is papering the window panes she is putting on a smile once again packed like frozen food and battery hens think of all the starving millions better eat up all your greens living in a glasshouse once again pinhole cameras in every room thats a strange mistake to make living in a glass house you should turn the other cheek once again we are hungry for a lynching you are part of the distraction dont throow stones and dont talk politics your royal highnesses. diplmatic answers to diplomatic questions dont throw stones and dont get in a tiz your royal highnesses. cctv in every room zooom lng lense in the trees the walls have electronic ears drwn the witches in the river burn the heretics they are going through your shit throwing flowers at the herse stop the traffic motorcade police escort we move n a higher plane the blody power of kings she is smashing up the house again you have such an aura dahling the snide remarks of the middle class r yor too stupid to tell the difference you are a depressive you are part of a genetic experiment you are a muurderer a serial killer you a re a depressive you are being optimistic you are being very negative. rummage through the rubbish fro something they can sell to the newspapers the quiet blue gas flames gently hissing the fingers of my heart who is going to forgive me? not the shadows that follow(only) the damned not the parents of the deceased close friends or relations im a white mouse, pink nose, pink eyes hungry for food. trapped in a cage. your royal highness living in glasshouse. nosey parkers sniffing round satellite dishes zoomlonglenses dont talk politics and dont talk back living in a glasshouse i swallow glass in the eye of the tornadoe cezarian a dream palace in the sun for stressed executives there are spies pinhole cameras in every room think nice th\oughts

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